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Turkish delight

Continental Cup anniversary starts with surprise

Published 03.10.2016 12:20 GMT+3 | Author Ivan Tchechankov
Turkish delight Turkish delight
The first round of the IIHF Continental Cup’s 20-year-anniversary season finished with a historic achievement.


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New club opens season

20th Continental Cup season starts in Sofia

Published 03.10.2016 12:15 GMT+3 | Author Ivan Tchechankov
New club opens season New club opens season
A new team in the IIHF Continental Cup: Irbis-Skate Sofia from Bulgaria will host the first round.
The 20th anniversary season of the IIHF Continental Cup starts on Friday in the Winter Palace of the Bulgarian capital of Sofia with the first-round.


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20th Continental Cup set

Anniversary season opens in Sofia

Published 19.09.2016 16:24 GMT+3 | Author Martin Merk
20th Continental Cup set 20th Continental Cup set
Group photo of the annual Continental Cup meeting participants.
The participants, dates, groups and hosts have been set at the annual Continental Cup meeting with the club representatives.


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